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          The Integration of Online Platforms and Offline Events

          Integrate high-quality supply chain, bring together well selected products, create accurate match-making environment, convenient and fast trade opportunities and provide quality services for high-end suppliers and professional buyers.

          Furniture & Decorations

          The all-platform manual helps furniture enterprises digitally transform through vertical online portals and big data from Furniture China exhibition of 27 years.

          Food & Beverage

          Selected categories & product selection, fresh information, brand exhibition and precise purchase.

          Hotel & Shop

          Throughout the hotel commercial space of the entire industry chain services, from design, material selection, operation to investment.

          Pharma Manufacturing

          Focus on the entire pharmaceutical industry, provide one-stop services to put together the upstream & downstream, empower the digital transformation of pharmaceutical companies.

          Food Ingredients, Health, Processing & Packaging

          Vertical professional platform on processing and packaging of food industry with big data, accurate positioning of customers, Omni-channel promotion and multi-dimensional exposure.

          Boat, Leisure & Tourism

          Make use of new media/short videos/mini programs/Internet technologies, etc to integrate the product, business-matching, negotiation and interaction into one platform.


          Covering the whole lighting industrial chain, denggle.com contains products of more than 170 categories, and serving over 350,000 trade buyers.


          Focusing on 3 major systems-the cleaning product | Indoor environment and air purification | Property Management, providing one-stop consultation and services.


          Connect with your exact franchisees with just one click.

          Enpower Supply Chain, Innovate for Eco-System

          B2B Portals
          Mini-Program & App
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          Our Products

          B2B Portals

          B2P Mini-Programs/ App

          Furniture EZBuy

          Food & Beverage EZBuy

          Hotel & Shop EZBuy

          Pharma Club

          Processing & Packaging EZBuy

          Lifestyle EZBuy

          Lighting EZBuy

          CPhI Manufacturing
          (Pharma APP)

          B2C Official Online Store

          Online Activities

          About Us

          Shanghai IM Sinoexpo Digital Services Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd., a leading joint venture exhibition company in China, which is dedicated to creating business matching, convenient and fast trade opportunities and quality services for high-end suppliers and professional buyers through various B2B2P2C digital platforms, achieving 365 days of on-stop trade connections.

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          Talent and Regulation

          Through extensive on-the-job internal and customized external trainings by professional teams, and a variety of skills exchanges and training sessions arranged by the Informa Group on a regular basis, plus a global online knowledge and resource hub available at 7/24, we help our employees achieve their common goals of personal career development and organizational progress.

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